Boat trip

Boat trip

Car travel, as you know, is your daily routine. The
same goes for the train you take every morning at the subway station. Flying is
rather occasional, but you also do it quite often for business trips or
holidays abroad.

But what about the boat in all this? It’s a great sea
adventure to experience. You are indeed talking about those great liners and
cruises, not the gondola of Venice, nor a sailboat or a speedboat. How to
travel in all serenity in the deep sea? These few tips are made for you!

Get along well with everyone!

For a successful boat trip, learn how to get along with
those around you for the simple reason that you will have to get along with
everyone else for the whole trip. You won’t be able to leave the boat. The only
way to get some fresh air is to throw your buoy into the ocean and swim further

No room for slackers

Travelling by boat takes work. For a truly complete
adventure, you’ll be in charge of various tasks such as cleaning to prevent
stool build-up, managing the tips and fender, not to mention cooking and

Have your sea legs

Before you embark on an adventure, make sure you have a
sea legs, or travel with people who do. Otherwise, consult your doctor or
follow a homeopathic treatment for seasickness 7 days before your departure. In
any case, stock up on bananas to settle your stomach.

Adopt a “more in less” attitude

You don’t have to bring all your stuff with you. A second-handbackpack may do the trick, as you’ll be spending your time barefoot in the
boat and flip-flopping in the harbours. Stick to the essentials, or even the
bare minimum, i.e.: swimsuit, shorts and T-shirt. Unless you’re going to spend
festive evenings, which is often the case on a cruise.

Going out in the right season

If your schedule permits, it is best to wait until the
end of the summer to embark at sea. The water is much warmer and the harbours
are calmer, it’s normal, the holidaymakers are all back home. Therefore, there
is no need to book a place weeks in advance. As they say, less people and more
fun! After all, you want to travel in peace and quiet.

Taking the boat can take a long time depending on the
crossing. You’ll have to live on the water. There’s nothing to worry about,
it’s a quiet life where time almost stands still, right in the middle of the
ocean. Living on the water is also living at the rhythm of nature; you wake up
with the sun and go to bed with it. In short, you have to know how to live in
freedom aboard a boat.